10 Best Sci-Fi Thriller TV Shows Ever Made (X-Files is Only #2)

10 Best Sci-Fi Thriller TV Shows Ever Made (X-Files is Only #2)
Image credit: Legion-Media, CJ Entertainment

Sci-fi is a difficult genre to get right. In order for the fans to really believe in all the fantastical elements of the project, the writers have to build their fictional world with the utmost care while keeping the story entertaining.

Needless to say, not many sci-fi shows have managed to become more than the sum of their parts, but there are still a few that have managed to become classics, cementing themselves as the best of the best.

Here are the 10 best sci-fi TV thrillers of all time, ranked:

The idea of mixing thrillers with sci-fi elements is almost as old as television itself, but it took a long time for writers and directors to perfect the formula of sci-fi thrillers that have become truly popular in the last three decades or so.

All of the shows on this list are highly influential, have unique settings, and feature unforgettable mysteries that are sure to entice viewers hungry for new sci-fi content.

More importantly, all of these shows have managed to stand the test of time, which is something that not many sci-fi projects can say, as fantastical elements tend to go out of style pretty quickly, as technological advances make some of the screenwriters' inventions seem cheesy.