10 Best War Movies to Watch on Hulu

10 Best War Movies to Watch on Hulu
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Ancient or modern, war never changes. If you don’t believe us, grab your Hulu subscription and give these 10 movies a shot: they’ll tell you all about it.

10. The East (2020)

Romanticizing war is foolish, but many young men realized it was too late. In 1946, a twenty-year-old Dutch soldier is part of the army force sent to liberate the Indonesian people from the local tyrant. The young soldier quickly discovers that his cause is not just, and it’s his fellow soldiers who terrorize the local population, not the enemy.

9. Soldiers of Fortune (2012)

Regardless of what you see in the movies, there’s no fun and glory in a warzone. When a group of wealthy thrill-seekers pay a hefty sum to become part of an active conflict, they soon learn why no one but them chases war. Their plans all fall apart, and instead of a thrilling adventure, they get a terrifying survival experience.

8. Casualties of War (1989)

The fact that Casualties of War is based on well-documented real events makes it both more compelling and more heartbreaking. An American soldier in Vietnam discovers his fellow troops committing despicable crimes against the local civilians and stands up against that. Now, he’s labeled an outsider and a traitor in a warzone.

7. The Catcher Was a Spy (2018)

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World War II is well underway, and the Nazis are actively developing the first nuclear bomb. In an attempt to prevent their success, the Allies turn a former star athlete into a spy and send him to Germany. His task is to kidnap or eliminate one of the Nazis’ lead nuclear project scientists, but how would he do that in their own country?

6. The War of the Worlds (1953)

All quarrels and conflicts on Earth seem insignificant when a much larger and more advanced threat appears. Our planet is under attack by technologically superior alien forces that appeared out of nowhere. As soldiers try to fight off the conquerors, a small American family is just trying to survive in the chaos of the biggest war ever.

5. Hamburger Hill (1987)

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War is hell, but some portions of it are far worse than hell. During the war in Vietnam, American soldiers called one place “Hamburger Hill.” Why, you may wonder? That height is one giant meat grinder, its ground soaked in the blood of hundreds of soldiers. But it must be taken, so more and more people are sent there to die.

4. Red Cliff (2008)

The only difference between ancient and modern wars is the number of people that die per minute. Back in 220 AD, China is separated into three independent kingdoms. The biggest of them attacks the other two at once and decisively crushes its enemies — but in a last desperate attempt, they unite to withstand the assault.

3. The Last Full Measure (2019)

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Honor is only recognized when it’s convenient; otherwise, it might be considered treason. 30 years after the war in Vietnam, a Pentagon officer investigates the case of a heroic field medic who saved over 60 soldiers from certain death but hasn’t been awarded. During his investigation, he uncovers a conspiracy in the army’s top ranks.

2. Glory (1989)

War is no place for ideals, but a noble man can dream. A Union Army officer volunteers to lead the first-ever all-black company into a crucial battle against the Confederates. Despite their enthusiasm, his subordinates have much to learn — and the officer has to both teach them and fight off his fellow soldiers’ prejudices.

1. The Messenger (2009)

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There are many moral dilemmas wars arise, but perhaps, The Messenger tackles the least expected one. A US Army casualty notification officer’s job is grim but necessary: he tells the wives of fallen soldiers that they’ll never see their husbands again. His life becomes much more difficult when he engages with one of the widows and is torn apart by his duty and ethics and his love for the woman.