10 Biggest Box Office Bombs That Became Unlikely Cult Classics

10 Biggest Box Office Bombs That Became Unlikely Cult Classics
Image credit: Legion-Media

Hollywood has always been about money, and the quality of movies (at least for the producers) is determined by box office receipts, not by acting, fluidity of script, or any of the other elements that fans value most in movies.

Fortunately, time rights all wrongs, giving box-office flops with great stories and style a chance to reestablish themselves as great movies many years after their disastrous premieres.

We're sure you'll be shocked to learn that all of the above films were actually huge box office duds, as they all went on to become huge cult classics, influencing generations of directors and fans.

Sadly, the majestic qualities of these productions went completely unnoticed during their respective premieres - perhaps they were simply ahead of their time, and viewers found them confusing.

Thankfully, with the rise of streaming and social media, great films that underperform at the box office are being praised almost immediately after their premise, allowing directors to understand that people support their work without having to wait a decade or so to achieve cult status like some of the folks on this list.

And yes, the idea that "Fight Club" and "The Big Lebowski" didn't do well at the box office still sounds pretty absurd - what were 90's audiences watching instead?