10 Brilliant Criminal Movies that Look Like They Were Made by Quentin Tarantino

10 Brilliant Criminal Movies that Look Like They Were Made by Quentin Tarantino
Image credit: Legion-Media, Focus Features

Have you seen Tarantino's entire filmography? These projects look like films from the world's greatest cinephile (but they're not).

Quentin Tarantino is known and loved around the world for his own artistic signature, and of course for his boundless love of cinema.

We are not even close to seeing Tarantino's next and last movie, so what should fans of his directorial style do? The answer is simple – watch movies that are similar in spirit to his work.

1. Too Late, 2015

Each scene of the movie is a fragment of the story of how a private detective searches for a missing woman. Moreover, as in Pulp Fiction, the scenes are not arranged in chronological order, leaving the viewer to piece together the final puzzle.

There are legends about Tarantino's movie fanaticism, which has turned cinephilia into a cult in its own right. The action in this movie takes place in Hollywood where cinema is literally everywhere – it is watched, shown and discussed.

2. Sukiyaki Western Django, 2007

Before making Django Unchained, Tarantino produced this Takashi Miike's movie in 2007, and even starred in a small role.

The action takes place in a Japanese village, where two gangs fight over hidden gold. Only a mysterious gunman with a dark past can restore order. The main irony is in the title: Sukiyaki is a dish of Japanese noodles with meat, so Sukiyaki Western is a counterpart to Spaghetti Western.

3. Red State, 2011

Many movies directed by Kevin Smith would fit on this list, but Red State is the closest to a crime comedy – and to Tarantino spirit.

Three teenagers meet a woman on the Internet and go to visit her. After getting them drunk, the woman hands them over to religious fanatics who want to stage a show execution. But on the way to a new acquaintance, the teenagers managed to scratch the local sheriff's car. He sends his deputies to look for the culprits.

4. In Bruges, 2008

In 2018, the whole world got to know Irish director Martin McDonagh. His film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri received six Oscar nominations and dozens of smaller awards. But before that, the director made a great crime movie that became a cult classic among fans of the genre.

Hitmen Ray and Ken are hired to kill a priest. But due to the fault of the former, an innocent boy dies. Then the boss sends the two to Bruges to lay low for some time, and Ken is given the task of killing his partner.

5. Seven Psychopaths, 2012

This is the story of screenwriter Marty, who is experiencing a creative crisis, and his down-on-his-luck friend, unemployed actor Billy. To help his friend create his magnum opus called Seven Psychopaths, Billy decides to find six madmen for Marty and become the seventh himself.

Another movie by Martin McDonagh – more fun and interweaving several storylines. This movie has everything you want: dark humor and unexpected plot twists.

6. Bronson, 2008

This is the story of Charles Bronson, who spent most of his life in prison. He was born into a perfectly decent family and there were no prerequisites for such a path. But Bronson just liked to be cruel, and even behind bars he was overly aggressive.

For the lead role in this movie, Tom Hardy gained muscle mass and shaved his head. At the same time, he met the real Bronson who later sent him his mustache to use as a prop.

7. Get Shorty, 1995

The comedy from The Addams Family and Men in Black creator Barry Sonnenfeld is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Elmore Leonard, a writer Quentin Tarantino considered his idol.

The main action of the movie takes place in Hollywood, where racketeer Chili Palmer arrives to collect a debt from producer Harry Zimm. But it is known that in Los Angeles everyone dreams of becoming a star. Therefore, after meeting his victim, Chili offers him a movie script and decides to help him solve problems with the mafia.

8. Shoot 'Em Up, 2007

Mr. Smith rescues a baby whose mother was killed by criminals, and now Smith himself is being chased by hitmen. But they did not take into account that Smith is capable of dealing with any number of villains alone.

The title doesn't lie, in this movie everyone shoots constantly – during conversations, during chases and even during sex. Although the matter is not limited to firearms alone – it turns out that even a carrot can become a dangerous weapon (yes, this is the scene that went viral on the Internet), and blood from a cut hand can be poured into the eyes of your enemies.

9. Baby Driver, 2017

Edgar Wright is a cult director like Quentin Tarantino, but in his own genre. Fans adore his ability to make comedies with perfect editing and witty British humor.

The main character barely speaks, listens to music all the time due to severe tinnitus, and drives like a pro. Once he stole a car from a criminal and is now forced to help him by taking the henchmen away from the scene of the robbery.

Baby has paid his debt and is done with illegal activities, but his ex-boss demands that he take part in the last one robbery.

10. Dobermann, 1997

Vincent Cassel has always succeeded in portraying charismatic villains, but at the very beginning of his career he managed to play one of the most vile anti-heroes.

The movie tells the story of the daring leader of a gang of thugs, nicknamed Dobermann. He commits the most brutal robberies and does not part with his pistol. The criminals are hunted by Inspector Christini, who seems to have good intentions, but at the same time is more cruel and disgusting than the villains themselves.