10 Cringiest 'Supernatural' Moments That Only Make Us Love It More

10 Cringiest 'Supernatural' Moments That Only Make Us Love It More
Image credit: The CW

Blame the nostalgia.

In times when we humans need comfort, we tend to turn to something familiar and loved, no matter what its flaws. Supernatural, which ran for 15 years from 2005 to 2020 and gathered many fans around its characters and plot, became such a show for many people. Looking back though, even the most loyal fans have to admit how cringy it was at times.

From the slang and references that may have been cool in the '00s but have lost their appeal over the decades, to the cheesy lines and downright crazy work of the costume and makeup department, Supernatural had its flaws. But that only makes it more appealing to those who have lived through it all.

Here are 10 Supernatural moments that are so bad, they are almost good.

Slow-Mo Vampire Bites

If there is one scene that is overused in all supernatural mystery shows, it has to be the slow motion moment of biting into someone's skin and the bloody mouth shot afterwards. Even though it gets repetitive pretty quickly, these shots are something of a staple for any movie or show in the genre from the 00-10s.

Dean’s Family Speeches

We know that Dean and Sam are brothers, and that is one of the main reasons why the show is so interesting to watch. The bond between the Winchester brothers is unbreakable and will always come first, no matter what choice they have to make. However, all of these speeches are just too similar in tone to the ones you hear from your father at family dinners.

Michael vs. Lucifer

Well, this one was just underwhelming. For a battle that was so hyped up, it turned out to be barely a battle at all. Too bad that so many people were hoping for cool special effects and post-production efforts only to get a 4 minute scene and a bunch of disappointment. Still, it was pretty typical for later seasons of Supernatural.

Running Ghosts

Everyone knows that the ghosts have to fly or teleport magically, and of course they cannot be filmed during the day. Not only does it kill all the creepiness behind the creatures, but in the case of Supernatural, it also kills the immersion. If we want to see a bunch of adults dressed up as ghosts running around, we can just wait for the next Halloween party.

Old Sam Wig

It's worth noting that the finale of Supernatural was heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, so all the creepy set and makeup details are forgivable. But that doesn't make the appearance of the old version of Sam in the final sequence of the last episode any more believable. The good thing is that we can all laugh about it.


"Gank" isn't the only word that Supernatural has criminally overused over the course of its 15 seasons. Considering that The CW hit premiered in 2005, it has a lot of slang and phrases that don't sound right in 2024. And they didn't sound right in 2020, when the show was coming to an end too.

Rowena and Gabriel

Thank goodness Supernatural isn't the kind of show you usually watch with your parents around, because it would have been completely impossible to contain embarrassment for those two minutes. But that doesn't mean the moment is necessarily bad. In fact, there are some people who find it hot, so more power to them!

Sam and Amelia Flashbacks

There is probably no show on television that manages to make flashbacks work without leaning too far into either drama or corniness. All of Sam and Amelia's flashbacks fall into the second category. Soft lens, warm lighting, melancholic music in the background, and you feel like you are watching a soap opera rather than an action series.

I’m Awesome

No, Ruby, you weren't that awesome. Even though Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese (now also Padalecki) had a very impressive chemistry together, this speech wasn't the part at all. Both speeches felt way too dramatic, and the audience's eyes were glued to Ruby's pale lips more than anything else on screen.

Castiel’s Death

This scene did not satisfy any of the fans. Those who hadn't seen any chemistry between Cas and Dean before weren't convinced by the sappy speech, and were even more upset by the lack of character development for Castiel. Destiel shippers, on the other hand, found Dean's lack of reaction almost offensive and the scene rushed.