10 Darkest Scenes in Disney Movies Enough to Ruin Our Childhood

10 Darkest Scenes in Disney Movies Enough to Ruin Our Childhood
Image credit: Legion-Media

Kids' minds are very impressionable and fragile, so things that won't corrupt the sleeping patterns of adults may have a lasting impact on younger humans.

And Disney is one of the main perpetrators here, because how did they even allow for these 10 scenes to be in their works targeted at kids?!

We gotta be real here: Disney knows how to spook their young viewers, and we applaud all the animators who did thorough wildlife research to make scenes of fights between animals feel hauntingly and even disturbingly realistic.

It's commendable, but it doesn't make the bear attack less terrifying, or a scene with Bambi's mom less devastating. Truly, a whole generation was traumatized but the latter one more severely than by Titanic as a whole!

Disney, why did you toy with our poor young souls like that?

Did you want us to be more compassionate? Did you want us to respect nature? What was the point of showing these gruesome things to the audience that would carry it as a basis of some of their fears along the whole length of their lives? The answer is simple: Disney wanted to flex their animators' skills and be remembered for eternity