10 Disney Movies With Surprisingly Unhappy Endings That Needed a Rewrite

10 Disney Movies With Surprisingly Unhappy Endings That Needed a Rewrite
Image credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Without a doubt, Disney is one of the biggest family-friendly companies out there, earning billions from its movies, theme parks, and merchandise. Because its entire business strategy is built around families, its executives are quite reluctant to test the limits of their customers to make each new Disney movie feel safe and happy.

And sometimes the family-oriented changes significantly alter the works of the original creators, and the ten animated films mentioned below are the most striking evidence of this, as the screenwriters decided to change harsh endings into banal happy endings:

Yes, the fairy tales you grew up with actually had some pretty scary endings in the original versions, because despite our belief that fairy tales were always written for children, the source material for beloved classics like Cinderella, Pinocchio, and Sleeping Beauty was all pretty twisted.

Perhaps it's for the better that Disney decided to change the endings, as most parents would never have brought their children to the theater to see such gruesome material that would have changed the adolescence of everyone we know.

However, if you have ever been looking for a reason to read the original stories behind the beloved Disney movies, know that you have one! After all, reading dark stuff is actually quite fun, don't you think?