10 Films That Clearly Were Nothing More than Oscar Bait

10 Films That Clearly Were Nothing More than Oscar Bait
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

While the Oscars still have some prestige when it comes to Hollywood films, the general public became disillusioned with the award long ago as more and more mediocre films began to win Best Picture awards.

Things got even worse when Hollywood producers started making movies with one goal in mind - to get an Oscar nomination and possibly win some awards.

Here are 10 Oscar bait movies that failed miserably:

Oscar baiters are best described as overly dramatic, painfully manipulative, and rather banal movies that bore fans into submission with their mediocrity, but somehow delight the academics enough to decide to shower them with golden statuettes.

And while many similar films, such as "Shakespeare in Love," managed to win Best Picture, the films on this list failed in their ambition to bite fans and critics.

People could see right through them, and immediately realized that the directors and producers had no intention of making good cinema, but were simply trying to gain some Oscar clout. Needless to say, the fans didn't like that one bit, and spread the criticism so far and wide that the Oscar committee had no choice but to ignore the bait and exclude the titles from any chance of winning an award.