10 Fresh Valentine's Day Movies For You And Your Significant Other (& Where To Stream Them)

10 Fresh Valentine's Day Movies For You And Your Significant Other (& Where To Stream Them)
Image credit: StudioCanal, Netflix

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, but don’t worry about finding new romantic movies: here are the top ten releases from the last three years you likely missed.

10. To All The Boys: Always And Forever (2021)

A young girl realizes that she and her boyfriend have neither a meet-cute nor “their” song, and she starts wondering whether he’s even the one. Their post-graduation plans to study at Stanford together also go to waste as the university rejects her, and they’ll have to study in different cities. Will their love endure the hardships of youth?

You can stream To All The Boys: Always And Forever on Netflix.

9. Little Fish (2021)

Little Fish is not your typical love story…and not your typical virus apocalypse story, either. A mysterious memory loss virus spreads throughout the world, and a couple tries to find a way to save what’s most important to them: their story, their shared memories, and their love for each other. What will win: love or desperation?

You can stream Little Fish on Hulu, Apple TV, and Prime Video.

8. The Last Paradiso (2021)

Set in rural Italy of the 1950s (which looks gorgeous, by the way), The Last Paradiso follows the story of a free-spirited young woman who dreams of love, justice, and a better world. Her visions become jeopardized when she falls in forbidden love and has to make a choice: endure the consequences or give up all she holds dear.

You can stream The Last Paradiso on Netflix.

7. Snowkissed (2021)

Despite her genuine hate of traveling, a young journalist leaves her home town to chase her dreams. Her work assignment takes her to a place far from her definition of civilization, but what’s worse is that she has to mentor a local B&B owner who aspires to become a tour guide. How will their weird work relationship develop?

You can stream Snowkissed on Apple TV and Prime Video.

6. What About Love (2024)

A young couple travels to Europe to make a movie about people’s perception of love, but they soon find out they’re actually filming their own love story. Their movie helps their parents change their attitude and rediscover their love, and when a tragedy strikes, it saves Christian’s life. What About Love is a beautiful, heartwarming story.

You can stream What About Love on Prime Video.

5. The Last Letter From Your Lover (2021)

Following two love stories that are years apart, The Last Letter From Your Lover is set both in the past and in the present. Two women — a mid-1960s rich woman suffering from memory loss and a modern-day journalist who just broke up with her boyfriend — are intrigued by the same love letter and try to investigate its story.

You can stream The Last Letter From Your Lover on Netflix and Prime Video.

4. Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022)

Having married a wealthy aristocrat, a young woman moves into his estate and soon realizes her dreams were all wrong. She has to take care of her new husband who was handicapped in war but doesn’t show any love or affection to her, and that’s it. A lower-class gameskeeper from his estate becomes the young lady’s only outlet.

You can stream Lady Chatterley’s Lover on Netflix and Prime Video.

3. Purple Hearts (2022)

An aspiring young musician to afford the insulin for her diabetes. A young Marine struggles with his former drug addiction debts. One night, they meet at the bar and decide to marry to get the military benefits that would solve both their financial problems — but when tragedy strikes, their pretense grows into something more.

You can stream Purple Hearts on Netflix and Prime Video.

2. Where The Crawdads Sing (2022)

Left by her family, a young girl works day and night to make ends meet and keep her home but remains open and friendly to other people. When one of her ex-lovers, a popular local quarterback is murdered, she’s being judged for it despite being innocent, and only her childhood friend stands by her side to defend her.

You can stream Where the Crawdads Sing on Max, Apple TV, Netflix, and Prime Video.

1. Your Place Or Mine (2023)

Two long-distance friends have a very warm relationship, so when she needs to leave the town for advanced training, he agrees to come and take care of her son. His views on upbringing kids are very different from hers so their friendship is jeopardized — but can they overcome the issues and build a family or is it the end?

You can stream Your Place Or Mine on Netflix.