10 Greatest Zombie K-Movies For Your Halloween Watch List 

10 Greatest Zombie K-Movies For Your Halloween Watch List 
Image credit: Next Entertainment World

Who said South Korean movies should only be about romance?

While it's no secret that it's hard to compete with the country's world-famous dramas and rom-coms, it turns out that some of the best horror films have also come out of South Korea.

What's more interesting is the specific genre of these movies. While there are many famous TV shows about zombies in the West, it turns out that the genre is also popular in South Korea, but in the form of full-length movies. So here are the best zombie K-movies out there, just in time for Halloween.

1. Train To Busan

The film is considered the best genre flick produced in the country. The story of the movie revolves around a desperate father who wants to protect his youngest daughter on a train while there's a zombie apocalypse. The movie is really amazing: the performances of the actors are perfect, as well as the amount of action combined with horror and the well-written characters. That's why it holds 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

2. The Wailing

Hong-jin Na's The Wailing is a true horror masterpiece. Although it is much more than just a zombie movie, the terror that the demonically possessed ghouls bring with them is undeniable. The story revolves around a mysterious stranger whose arrival in a small town changes the lives of its residents completely. A contagious virus begins to spread, and police officer Jong-goo is tasked with finding a solution to the mystery.

3. The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey

This movie comes from the series The Cursed and is widely praised as one of the greatest example of a South Korean horror movie. The story begins with a horrible murder, but it was the chain of events that followed that made the movie spectacularly scary. It turns out that the killer has been dead for three months, and yet he claims that there are more horrific murders to come.

4. Peninsula

The movie is inspired by Train to Busan, but is not as well received as its predecessor. Nevertheless, it tells the story of Jung Seok, an ex-soldier who agrees to lead a squad into the South Korean wasteland to retrieve a truck full of cash. However, everything goes wrong when he meets the terrifying zombies.

5. The Neighbor Zombie

This film premiered in 2009, and if you're an avid fan of zombie cinema, you know that Zombieland released on the same year. So naturally, the two films share a lot of similarities. However, the Korean version is ten times darker and focuses more on the painful realities of a collapsing society. The Neighbor Zombie offers us a wild ride into the South Korean capital, Seoul, which has to battle a deadly virus. An excruciating fight stands in the way of saving the city and bringing it back to normal life.

6. The Odd Family: Zombie on Sale

This movie is more of a comedy and follows the Park family who find themselves in a completely new terrifying reality. The thing is, something terrible happened: the head of the family was bitten by a zombie, so he became one too. When they found out what happened, they decided to make a profit out of it. Trying to make money out of a family's misfortune turns out to be a fun and humorous affair.

7. Doomsday Book

Another comedic take on the supposedly terrifying zombie pandemic. The movie actually tells three different sci-fi stories. The first is a kind of political parody, depicting a world facing a zombie virus, and mainly follows a scientist and his sister as they turn the locals into zombies after they accidentally consumed meat that was poisoned.

8. #Alive

The movie premiered in South Korea in 2020 and was later picked up by Netflix, with the platform paving the way for global success in no time. It is an action-packed zombie movie set in a crowded building under attack by a brutal zombie invasion (which is a result of an unknown virus, because of course). The movie stars South Korean A-lister Ah-In Yoo and is definitely worth a watch.

9. Seoul Station

Made by the Train To Busan director, Sang-ho Yeon, the movie predictably enjoyed success among both critics and fans. Seoul Station is a cartoon movie about a zombie invasion that serves more as a prequel to the hit flick. It largely follows the society outsiders and how they deal with the invasion. Turns out it's much more difficult for them to fight back when needed.

10. Rampant

The film centers on the Prince of Joseon, who is kidnapped by the really influential family to become their next crown prince. However, their plans are put in jeopardy by a sudden zombie attack which endangers the entire region.