10 Harry Potter Parts That Seem Ripped from Bad Fanfic

10 Harry Potter Parts That Seem Ripped from Bad Fanfic
Image credit: Legion-Media

"Harry Potter" was released quite some time ago, and its main audience has grown up, and now doesn't shy away from pointing out the imperfections of the book.

And trust us, there are many, but here we will focus on the 10 moments that seem like they just copy-pasted straight from the Wattpad fanfiction.

We're not hating fanfiction as a medium: in fact, it's a great creative outlet for people, and some of the works are impeccable and print-worthy.

If there was a fanfiction awards show, our whole editorial could provide a bunch of names. But these moments in "Harry Potter " that we have highlighted feel like they were written not by a grown-up person who has been writing for a very long time and decided to make this craft her career, but by a kid who just learned that the words have power and they can be used to explain their fantasies to the others.

They lack substance and structure, they defy logic, and not in a way that can be explained by the lore but in a way that feels childish, and sometimes, they're just written badly. But fear not: fanfic authors are here to fix these mistakes.