10 Iconic Heist Movies to Stream in April on Tubi, Prime & More

10 Iconic Heist Movies to Stream in April on Tubi, Prime & More
Image credit: Play Art, Sony Pictures

Among the many types of crime movies, heist movies are definitely one of the most original and popular.

While gangster movies, cop dramas, and true-crime movies all follow the same premise over and over again, the heist theme requires a unique approach each time, as no two audiences will enjoy seeing the same bank robbed in the same way.

And even though heist movies have been around since the beginning of Hollywood, they are still quite interesting in 2024, and fans are not tired of them at all. With so many iconic films in the genre, fans can easily spend days trying to watch them all.

Here are 11 heist movies that have become iconic:

While compiling this list, we decided to include not only the most popular works in this genre, but also the more underrated ones. After all, it's usually the smaller films that push the narrative envelope and come up with the most outrageous heist plots that big Hollywood productions can't even dream of.

And yes, some of the movies mentioned above are pretty old, but don't let that put you off, because their stories are still as unique and original as they were when they were first released.