10 Iconic Movies That Originally Had Dumbest Titles Possible

10 Iconic Movies That Originally Had Dumbest Titles Possible
Image credit: Legion-Media

Even though fans and critics pay the most attention to the content of the movie, producers still care almost as much about the title of the movie, because it is the thing that draws people into the theaters.

A title can make or break a movie, and Hollywood studios spend thousands of dollars on focus groups debating whether or not proposed titles fit the movie.

But even if directors and producers agree on a title, that doesn't mean audiences will see it on the posters, because a lot can go wrong in post-production. And sometimes the idea of changing the title actually becomes the movie's saving grace.

Here are 10 iconic movies that originally had terrible titles:

As you can see from this list, the simplicity of the title is the key to the movie's success, as almost every movie mentioned above went from a confusingly long title to a much shorter and ultimately more satisfying one.

Viewers want to see something powerful and strong like the title, something they can say out loud without hurting their tongues. However, the worlds used in the title should feel unique and appropriate to the movie's narrative, which is certainly a difficult thing to pull off.

Fortunately, the producers changed their minds about the titles of the above-mentioned movies, which may have saved them from box-office disasters.