10 Improvised Scenes in Classic Movies You Didn't Know Were Never in The Script

10 Improvised Scenes in Classic Movies You Didn't Know Were Never in The Script
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Sometimes actors can come up with something even better than the result of long hours of work by writers.

Many movies have these kinds of scenes that are memorable even if you've never actually seen the movie. Well, it turns out that sometimes those scenes are completely improvised, and good thing the actors came up with them in the first place!

The Dark Knight

Yes, that iconic clap by Heith Ledger's Joker was totally improvised. And to think that this is probably the most used clip of him from the movie...

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Leonardo DiCaprio 's Rick Dalton threw a tantrum in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but did you know it was completely unscripted? Looks like it came straight from DiCaprio's heart.

Lord of the Rings

That improvised emotional helmet kick in The Two Towers actually had Viggo Mortensen breaking his toe. But what a scene!

Pretty Woman

When Julia Roberts' heroine laughed out loud after Richard Gere's Edward jokingly slammed the lid on a box of jewelry, it was completely improvised. If you watch the scene closely, you can almost see that Roberts' reaction is completely genuine.

Annie Hall

That famous coke sneeze scene in Annie Hall could easily end up in bloopers, but instead, Woody Allen decided to keep it in the final cut. Probably the best decision ever.

Midnight Cowboys

Dustin Hoffman actually improvised the entire "I'm walking here!" sequence with a real-life driver who had no idea he almost run into a Hollywood actor. It's good that the scene ended well enough to make it into the final cut — and into our hearts.

The Usual Suspects

The line-up scene in The Usual Suspects, from "in English, please" to Benicio Del Toro's candid reaction, was completely unscripted as well.

Lost in Translation

Yes, Bill Murray did improvise a kiss with Scarlet Johannsson in Lost in Translation, because he is an icon and because he could.

Silence of the Lambs

When you think of Sir Anthony Hopkin's Hannibal Lecter, it's that signature slurping tongue sound you probably hear immediately. And yes, it was something the actor came up with by himself.

Taxi Driver

The iconic "You talking to me?" scene in Taxi Driver was Robert De Niro's own unscripted addition to the movie, and honestly, it's somewhat relatable on a secret level. Didn't we all do that?