10 K-Dramas So Good, They Got Multiple Seasons

10 K-Dramas So Good, They Got Multiple Seasons
Image credit: JTBC

Nothing drastic like Grey’s Anatomy, though.

If you're just starting out on your journey to becoming a K-drama guru, you may notice that the vast majority of Korean TV series are limited to 1 season. For someone used to Western shows that can last for decades, this change of pace can be hard to adjust to. After all, no one likes to say goodbye to characters they have just fallen in love with!

Fortunately, there are quite a few Korean shows that have been so good that they have been renewed for more seasons. So if you don't mind jumping from one setting to another and prefer to stay in the fictional world for more than a few hours, check out the list below.

Dr. Romantic (2017-2023)

This is a medical procedural, the best Grey's Anatomy on K-dramas analog you will ever find. It might be even better, because instead of dragging the show out for years and years, Dr. Romantic only has three seasons, but each of them is the best quality of writing and acting you can find.

Squid Game ( 2021-...)

Everyone knows what Squid Game is, as it took the Internet by storm and secured a solid place in modern pop culture history. The horror reality show, which sends its contestants on a survival mission where they fight not only for money and success, but also for their own lives, will get its second season in 2024.

The Good Detective (2020-2022)

If you like good crime shows, this one will be right up your alley. The Good Detective pairs an experienced 18-year-old cop, Kang Do-chang, who exclusively believes in his scientific approach, with the much younger Oh Ji-hyuk, who has been a detective for 9 years and solves his cases with evidence from the criminals' psyche.

Soundtrack (2022-2023)

This show is made in the style of an anthology series, with two seasons covering two separate love stories. However, both are united by the quality of the production behind them, as well as the main theme: music. So if you consider yourself a music junkie, you will most likely enjoy these two love stories.

Sweet Home (2020-...)

This two-season fantasy horror drama is waiting for the third season to be released in the summer of 2024. Until then, you can follow Cha Hyun-soo and his roommates on a dangerous quest to fight monsters that have surrounded their building and trapped them in a fight for their lives.

Yumi’s Cells (2021-2022)

Based on a 5-year webtoon with over 500 chapters, this show takes the best of the original and spans two seasons. Yumi's Cells is the story of an ordinary office worker from the perspective of the brain cells in her head as she faces each day with its challenges, surprises, and small victories.

Alchemy of Souls (2022-2023)

It is rare enough to get a good period fantasy drama, let alone one that lasts more than one season. Alchemy of Souls takes viewers on an exciting adventure of reuniting two people, Jang Uk and Mu-deok, whose souls have been swapped as a result of a forbidden magic spell.

The Penthouse: War In Life (2020-2021)

If you were as obsessed with Succession as the whole wide world seemed to be for the past 5 years, The Penthouse is your best cry in K-dramas. It has everything you want to see: 3 seasons of unhinged rich people with very questionable morals, competition, suspense, and the occasional dysfunctional family unit.

All Of Us Are Dead (2022-...)

A teacher's science experiment at the high school turns into a real-life zombie apocalypse for the entire town. As everyone tries to find a way to fight the pandemic, a group of students find themselves locked inside the school. To get out and save themselves, they must put aside their differences and start working together.

Hello, My Twenties! (2016-2017)

There is something special about your twenties. It's a time of finding yourself, learning more about life, and securing a bunch of lifelong connections to continue the journey hand in hand. The show follows five girls who share a Belle Epoque community space as they face the challenges of everyday life and grow into confident young women.