10 Mediocre Harry Potter Characters That Deserved Better Writing

10 Mediocre Harry Potter Characters That Deserved Better Writing
Image credit: Legion-Media

"Harry Potter" is a cultural phenomenon that amassed a huge following, but both the fans and the simple enjoyers can agree that the book series has its flaws, and some of them lie in character development.

It's not just that we want more screen time for some of them: no, they were just poorly written. Here are 10 examples of that.

Even if you love something, you can admit its shortcomings, and "Harry Potter " is no exception.

The story is huge and takes place over seven years, and in this timeframe, we meet lots of characters — some of them feel like a tease, like they were supposed to be something more than what they eventually turned out to be.

Lots of them suffer from being shallow and filled with stereotypical traits, some end up contradicting the basics of their personalities that were planted in the beginning of the story near its ending, leaving us frustrated, and others just feel extremely outdated.

Or maybe we just grew up, and now, with all our experience, we see that it's just a book for kids that tried to be something more — tried and failed tremendously, at least in the characters' department.