10 Most Badass Action Movies Of The 1980s, Ranked

10 Most Badass Action Movies Of The 1980s, Ranked
Image credit: United Artists, Warner Bros.

The '80s was one of the best decades for action movies — or that's what we think now, fueled by nostalgia and all the TV reruns we caught when we were kids.

But that doesn't strip these movies from their cult classic status.

The thing about these movies is that they weren't especially financially successful at the time of their release.

Their moment to shine came when the TV networks gained rights to their distribution and brought them to our houses, filling our minds with pure, unfiltered, and undiluted action.

While modern action movies tend to blend the fight sequences with convoluted plots, action movies of the '80s were much more streamlined. The plots were simple and cliche, but the fights were astonishing.

The fun part is that some of these movies did well at the box office but were hated by critics, specifically because of their straightforward approach and lack of depth. But hey, sometimes we forget that not everything has to have layers and layers of hidden meanings and something so unashamedly focused on action also deserves its right to exist.

And with the current resurgence of action movies, these classics prove that they deserve their place in pop culture.