10 Most Complicated Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made to Stream on Netflix, Tubi & More

10 Most Complicated Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made to Stream on Netflix, Tubi & More
Image credit: Legion-Media, Pandora Cinema

Let's face it - sci-fi is not the easiest genre to love.

All of the technological advances, moral issues, and extensive world-building that it usually involves can be a little too much for some people to swallow, a problem that has plagued the genre since its inception more than a hundred years ago.

And even if some sci-fi directors have managed to simplify the original complex formula, there are still some who have decided to complicate it even more, producing truly confusing yet incredibly fulfilling movies.

Here are 10 of the most complicated sci-fi movies ever made (& where to stream them):

Let's get one thing straight - the above mentioned movies should be watched with utmost attention, because if you try to watch them on the go or while doing something, then they will surely fly right over your hand, leaving a bad aftertaste. A lot of people seem to hate these movies, calling them pretentious and confusing, but that's just a problem of perception, as there are others who call them bona fide masterpieces of the genre.

But don't be fooled - you'll probably need to see them multiple times to fully understand them, and that's what makes the 10 movies mentioned above so great. Movies rarely demand so much of your brain while you watch them, but the end result is sure to leave you satisfied! Just be sure to have your favorite cozy comfort sitcom ready for after viewing.