10 Movie Adaptations That Became More Iconic Than The Books

10 Movie Adaptations That Became More Iconic Than The Books
Image credit: Legion-Media

It's quite common to hear that the movie based on the book didn't do justice to its source, recycling it into something completely different, leaving out characters, storylines, and locations to cut costs.

However, the opposite is also true - there are movies that turn out to be far better than the books they're based on, and here are 10 of the most prominent examples:

First things first - we are in no way suggesting that the books the above movies are based on are bad. On the contrary, they are all great, and the fact that Hollywood decided to adapt them is the most definitive proof of that.

However, it seems that the directors managed to improve their movies much more than the original authors intended - by cutting some content, the directors made their films more breathing and used the new found space to push their own ideas.

And the fans were not against such tactics - if the filmmakers know what they are doing and the author gives them permission to add something to the original text, the movie is all the better for it.

And if you liked the movies mentioned above, don't forget to read the books they were adapted from - they're wonderful too!