10 Movie Characters With The Thickest Plot Armor

10 Movie Characters With The Thickest Plot Armor
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These guys manage to go to hell and back without a scratch, meeting their end only when the story calls for it.

We're all used to seeing movie protagonists get out of incredibly dangerous situations without serious injuries; it's movie logic, after all, and to see the character get killed off less than an hour into the movie would have been pretty underwhelming.

However, some projects take this common trope to absolutely ridiculous levels, as characters manage to cheat death time and time again, making it blatantly clear that their importance to the story is the only thing keeping them alive.

Let's take a look at ten movie characters who are protected by plot armor so thick that no bullet can penetrate it.

Of course, as mentioned above, in many cases the main character's plot armor doesn't make the movie any worse, because it's a very common practice that's been around as long as fictional stories have existed.

Most of these movies are wonderful, providing great entertainment and allowing the viewer to temporarily escape the boring reality where the laws of physics work as they are supposed to and human bodies are quite fragile.

Still, noticing and making fun of such moments can be quite entertaining, especially if you have seen the movie before and know every twist in the story.