10 Movies That Make Way More Sense If You Read the Book First

10 Movies That Make Way More Sense If You Read the Book First
Image credit: Legion-Media

There are original movies, and then there are book adaptations. And your perception of some of the movies based on books can be elevated if you at first get familiar with the source material.

We've got 10 works that would win from that.

In the Japanese entertainment industry, anime adaptation serves as an advertisement for the manga or the light novel — the original story — and tries to replicate the source material as closely as possible. But in the movie industry, it's a bit different.

The movie doesn't promote the book: it converts it into another media format through the lenses of a specific group of creators, offering the viewers a glimpse into how these creators comprehended the source material, what they gained from it, and what became their main point of interest.

Different directors interpret the same book in different ways, and for you to understand exactly what this specific creator decided to put at the forefront of the story you need to be familiar with the source material.

It's the most authentic way to experience the original story, not through the cinematic retelling, and it helps you realize what the team did to transfer the movie to the screen.