10 Must-See Movies Based on Classic Literature

10 Must-See Movies Based on Classic Literature
Image credit: Legion-Media

Adapting a beloved literary text to the screen is by no means an easy task, and dozens of great directors have failed to do iconic books justice.

Every once in a while, however, a truly great adaptation of a classic book comes along, and even fans of the original can't help but praise the screenwriters for their work in bringing the text to the silver screen.

As you may have noticed, the movies listed above are based on very different books, each of which has its own challenges that make adapting them into a screenplay a truly difficult undertaking.

While it was quite easy to see how a book like "Room" could be adapted into a movie while reading it, some fans were truly amazed that such insanely challenging and complex books like "The Road" and "Trainspotting" turned out to be great source material for big movies.

It's a cliché to call a book unadaptable, but over the past few decades, directors have proven that even the most confounding literal narrative can be turned into a screenplay, which gives hope that more challenging books will be adapted in the years to come. "Dune " part two, anyone?