10 Must-Watch 'Lone Wolf' Movies About Men Taking On The World

10 Must-Watch 'Lone Wolf' Movies About Men Taking On The World
Image credit: globallookpress, Legion-Media, Nordisk Film

Ensemble movies are fun and all, but sometimes all a movie needs to be compelling is a great lone protagonist to grab your attention and make you care.

The lone protagonist became a staple of movies long ago, so we decided to list the 10 greatest movies with this type of protagonist in the lead!

The lone hero conquering the world has been a common archetype since the earliest westerns, but this archetype only became an integral part of Hollywood in the 1960s, when giant blockbusters and heartwarming comedies lost their spotlight to quieter, understated character dramas.

Come to think of it, all of the greatest acting performances of the last 50 years or so have come in the form of lone heroes, as talented actors are finally given the chance to not share screen time and work alone in front of the camera. Not every actor is suited for this type of work, as some performers are best utilized as ensemble actors, as they simply don't have the talent to pull off such an archetype.

The characters in the above-mentioned movies are lonely and heartbroken, but at least they inspired a generation of people to stand up for themselves, to go through life without paying attention to others.