10 Offbeat Westerns Even the Western Haters Will Like

10 Offbeat Westerns Even the Western Haters Will Like
Image credit: United Artists, Orion Pictures

The public's hatred of Westerns is well known. After more than 50 years of westerns dominating the American box office, people simply grew tired of them, preferring to watch dramas, horrors and comedies instead.

However, the fact that westerns have been pushed out of the mainstream doesn't mean that there aren't great movies in the genre. On the contrary, there are literally hundreds of wonderful westerns out there, and although most of them are rather traditional, there are some that will surely appeal to even the most outspoken western haters.

Here's a list of offbeat westerns that even haters will love:

As you've probably noticed, there are no traditional Westerns on this list, so if you're worried that you're just going to be forced to sit through another boring tale of a cowboy saving a maiden from dirty crooks, don't be!

After all, the western is a perfect palette for experimentation, and directors have proven time and time again that even the dullest old stories can be turned into something wonderful.

It's obvious that no genre consists entirely of bad movies, and the western is no exception - if you find the time and will to dig deeper into the history of this quintessentially American genre, you're sure to find some gems like the ones on this list