10 Oscar Movies That Nobody Remembers (or Cares About) Anymore

10 Oscar Movies That Nobody Remembers (or Cares About) Anymore
Image credit: Legion-Media

This list is about those Oscar movies that kind of just disappeared, like they were written in sand and the tide came in; it's not that they were bad, they just didn't stick around in people's memories.

Every year, the Oscars pick out the movies they think are the best, but not all of them manage to stay in our hearts or minds for very long; some, like 'In the Bedroom' or 'Chocolat,' most people hardly remember or talk about anymore.

When the Oscars come around, everyone's excited to see which movies and actors get nominated because winning or just getting nominated is a huge deal in the movie world; it's like getting a gold star from the biggest teachers in film school.

But here's the thing, not every movie that gets an Oscar nod or even wins one stays popular or important as time goes on; some movies that didn't get any Oscar attention at all end up being the ones we love and remember.

It's funny to think about, but some movies that were all the rage and got everyone at the Oscars excited just don't seem to catch anyone's eye anymore, unlike big hits like 'Titanic ' or 'The Deer Hunter,' which people still watch and talk about; it goes to show that what's popular or considered the best can change a lot over time.

The Academy Awards are scheduled for Sunday, March 10, taking place at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The event is to start at 7 p.m. EST.