10 Perfect Movies Ruined by the Sequels Nobody Needed

10 Perfect Movies Ruined by the Sequels Nobody Needed
Image credit: Legion-Media

There's nothing more excruciating than watching your favorite movie get an unwanted sequel when you fully expected it to be a stand-alone story.

Unfortunately, Hollywood continues to serialize movies for box office reasons, turning wonderful films into franchises without ever considering what these endless sequels do to the original films.

Here are 10 perfect movies that were ruined by their follow-ups:

As you probably noticed, all the movies on this list are certified hits that are still remembered fondly years after their premieres. It's hard to imagine what the movie world would be like without them, and it looks like producers realized this pretty quickly, scheduling sequels while fans were still processing the influences of the originals.

And while most of the aforementioned films managed to survive their disastrous sequels and remain iconic despite Hollywood's decision to turn them into franchises, the same can't be said for “The Phantom Menace”, the first part of the long-awaited Star Wars ’ return.

Lucas' film fell victim to its own sequels, becoming the first part of an uninspired trilogy that made many fans hate it, even though it wasn't bad and was initially considered a solid addition to the Star Wars universe.

The movie business is pretty unfair, you know.