10 Post-Apocalyptic Films That Made Quarantine Look Cozy

10 Post-Apocalyptic Films That Made Quarantine Look Cozy
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If you thought you had it bad...

1. Cargo (2017)

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Fatherhood in a zombie apocalypse? Tough gig. In the Australian Outback, Andy is bitten while defending his wife and baby from zombies. With only 48 hours before he turns, Andy must find a new guardian for his infant daughter. Amidst the desolation, Andy encounters Thoomi, an Indigenous girl, and together they traverse the harsh landscape. Andy's selflessness and Thoomi's resourcefulness ultimately offer a glimmer of hope in a world overrun by the undead.

2. The Domestics (2018)

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Ever been on a bad road trip? Nina and Mark West's journey across a post-apocalyptic America takes the cake. A chemical attack has left the nation a no-man's-land, where tribes of psychopaths rule. The couple's destination? Nina's parents' home. Amidst the harrowing highway battles, chainsaw-wielding gangs, and a final showdown with the tyrannical Reverend, the Wests discover they are stronger together than apart. Trust us, you've never seen anything like this.

3. The Book of Eli (2010)

In a world ravaged by war and chaos, a lone wanderer named Eli protects the last remaining copy of a sacred text that holds the key to rebuilding society. On a quest to deliver the book to a safe location, Eli faces off against Carnegie, a power-hungry warlord. The path? Littered with marauders, cannibals, and other unsavory types. It's more than just a trek; it's a spiritual journey in a land where morality is scarce.

4. The Quiet Earth (1985)

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Ever wake up and feel like you're the last person on Earth? That's how Zac Hobson, a scientist, finds himself one fateful morning. Zac discovers that a mysterious phenomenon has wiped out most of humanity, leaving behind only those who were at the brink of death at the moment of the event. A woman, Joanne, and a Maori soldier, Api, join Zac in a quest to uncover the truth. Zac and Api vie for Joanne's affection, creating tension within the trio. As the group delves deeper into the mystery, they stumble upon a reality-bending revelation.

5. The Road (2009)

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A father and his son trek through a post-apocalyptic landscape, scavenging for food and avoiding the clutches of cannibalistic bands of survivors. Armed with only a pistol, the man and the boy struggle to stay alive as they journey to the coast, hoping to find refuge. Their past is filled with pain and loss, and their future remains uncertain. Love, faith, and hope drive the pair through this desolate world. Along the way, they encounter fellow survivors, some kind-hearted, others menacing.

6. Stake Land (2010)

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Let's travel through a land where vampires rule the night and humanity clings to survival. Young Martin, orphaned by the fanged predators, joins the seasoned vampire hunter Mister. Their goal? To find the mythical New Eden, a sanctuary free from the bloodsucking menace. Amidst encounters with fanatical cults, roaming packs of vampires, and other survivors, they forge a bond that transcends mere survival. Spoiler alert: This isn't your typical teen vampire flick; it's a gritty, no-holds-barred fight for survival.

7. The Survivalist (2015)

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Ever think you'd survive alone in a post-apocalyptic world? An unnamed man does, living off a small plot of land in a world where oil has run out, and society has collapsed. Enter Kathryn and her daughter, Milja, seeking refuge. The man agrees, but at a cost. As the trio navigates a delicate balance of power and mistrust, the fight for survival becomes an emotional battlefield.

8. Turbo Kid (2015)

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Ready to get nostalgic? In an alternate 1997, a lone comic-book fan known as The Kid rides his BMX through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Enter the evil Zeus, ruling the barren lands with an iron fist and a penchant for blood sport. The Kid's mission? To save the girl of his dreams, Apple, and avenge a lost friend. With his Turbo Glove, our hero must navigate a world of deranged warlords and mutant creatures. Think Mad Max meets Saturday morning cartoons.

9. The Rover (2014)

Imagine a world where society has collapsed, and moral boundaries have crumbled. In the Australian outback, a loner named Eric is on a mission to retrieve his stolen car from a gang of thieves. Along the way, Eric encounters Rey, a wounded member of the gang left behind, and together they embark on a relentless pursuit. Amidst their journey, the pair navigate the harsh desert landscape, facing a series of increasingly violent confrontations with the gang. As the reasons for Eric's determination unfold, the two men develop an unlikely bond amidst the chaos.

10. The Battery (2012)

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And now, for something completely different. Former baseball players Ben and Mickey find themselves navigating a post-apocalyptic New England, infested with the undead. Ben, the hardened survivor, and Mickey, the sensitive dreamer, have clashing approaches to their new reality. As they journey through the woods, encountering other survivors and facing the ever-present threat of zombies, the duo grapples with their differing philosophies. As tensions rise, their friendship is tested, and they must confront their past and present choices.