10 R-Rated Box Office Bombs That Are Secretly Masterpieces

10 R-Rated Box Office Bombs That Are Secretly Masterpieces
Image credit: Legion-Media

Blood, gore, violence, questionable jokes, and sex are the things that can guarantee lower income for a movie because the audience for these things is significantly smaller than for family-friendly ones and these generally fly under the radar without much attention.

These 10 movies, thankfully, were able to break this curse and become widely known despite doing not so well at the box office — and being R-rated didn't stop them from achieving that.

The majority of R-rated movies rise to fame long after their theatrical release: it's better to enjoy them in the comfort of one's home and not surrounded by unknown people, as these works deal with some sensitive topics.

Some of these were just released in the wrong time bracket and faced unfair competition from more audience-friendly works that just lured people to the cinema. And don't get us started on the way most of these movies were marketed: people just didn't know about them!

They didn't see ads or any trailers, movies went completely unnoticed. It's a double-edged sword: poor marketing leads to poor sales, and poor sales in the past make the higher-ups believe that the huge marketing budget for the new works won't work anyway.