10 Ridiculously Terrible '80s Flicks that We Secretly Adore

10 Ridiculously Terrible '80s Flicks that We Secretly Adore
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Sometimes you just need to let loose and enjoy the ridiculousness of it all.

1. "Maximum Overdrive" (1986)

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The scene: Earth. The year: 1986. A rogue comet passes, causing machines to rebel against humanity. Enter: Billy, a diner employee, who becomes an unlikely hero against the mechanized mayhem. Truckers and tourists unite, fending off sentient trucks and bloodthirsty kitchen appliances. Can they survive the 8-day onslaught, or will they fall prey to their own creations? It's man vs. machine, in this Stephen King-directed fiasco.

2. "The Garbage Pail Kids Movie" (1987)

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In a magic garbage pail, an outcast group of strange creatures reside. Yes, you heard that right, a garbage pail. One day, a kid named Dodger unwittingly releases these peculiar creatures into the real world. The Garbage Pail Kids, as they're called, wreak havoc upon the city. Dodger enlists their help to win over a girl and take on the local bullies. But when the State Home for the Ugly captures the creatures, a rescue mission ensues. Can Dodger save his friends or will they end up behind bars forever?

3. "Troll 2" (1990)

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Okay, I know this is technically a '90s movie, but hear me out. A family takes a vacation to the aptly named town of Nilbog, which, spoiler alert, is "goblin" spelled backward. The town is inhabited by vegetarian goblins that transform people into plants for consumption. Joshua, the young son, with the help of his ghostly grandpa, must stop his family from eating the tainted food. Chaos ensues as the goblins try to convert the family into greenery, one by one. Joshua and his kin must fight off these nefarious goblins to save themselves. It's a vegetarian's nightmare.

4. "Gymkata" (1985)

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An Olympic gymnast turned martial artist? It's as outrageous as it sounds. Jonathan Cabot, the gymnast in question, is recruited by the U.S. government to infiltrate the fictional country of Parmistan. His mission? Win the deadly Game, a race through Parmistan's treacherous terrain, littered with obstacles and assassins. The prize? A request from the winner to the Parmistan ruler. Cabot uses his unique skill set – Gymkata, a blend of gymnastics and karate – to tackle enemies and navigate the perils.

5. "Hard Ticket to Hawaii" (1987)

In the sun-soaked islands of Hawaii, two undercover DEA agents stumble upon a diamond smuggling operation. But that's not all. Add to the mix an escaped, mutated, and toxic snake. The agents, Donna and Taryn, go rogue, taking on both the smugglers and the slithering menace. Along the way, they are joined by fellow agents and a civilian with a frisbee arsenal. Together, they embark on a whirlwind journey of shootouts, martial arts, and questionable one-liners.

6. "Teen Witch" (1989)

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Louise, an ordinary teenager, has her life flipped upside down when she learns she's a descendant of witches. With this revelation, she gains magical powers on her 16th birthday. As if high school weren't complicated enough, Louise must now navigate love, friendships, and witchcraft. Armed with a magical amulet, she casts spells to improve her life, including making herself popular and enchanting the boy of her dreams. But as things spiral out of control, she learns that magic might not be the answer to everything.

7. "Howard the Duck" (1986)

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Picture this: an anthropomorphic duck named Howard is pulled from his world to Earth. Once here, he befriends a singer named Beverly, who helps him adapt to his new environment. When an evil extraterrestrial known as the Dark Overlord takes Beverly hostage, Howard must step up to the plate. Teaming up with Beverly's scientist friend, Phil, Howard embarks on a mission to rescue her. In a showdown involving lasers, possessed scientists, and duck-fu, the stakes are high.

8. "The Apple" (1980)

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In a dystopian future where a sinister corporation controls the world's music, a young couple, Bibi and Alphie, are caught in the crossfire. As Bibi rises to stardom, manipulated by the company's head honcho, Alphie is left behind. Struggling to cope with fame and greed, Bibi is torn between her love for Alphie and the trappings of success. As Alphie fights to win back Bibi's heart, the world descends into chaos.

9. "Xanadu" (1980)

Meet Sonny, a struggling artist who meets Kira, a mysterious woman on roller skates. Inspired by her presence, he teams up with a retired musician, Danny, to open a roller disco called Xanadu. However, unbeknownst to Sonny, Kira is a muse from Mount Olympus. Forbidden to fall in love with mortals, Kira's attraction to Sonny creates a divine dilemma. As the club comes together and love blossoms, the gods intervene to enforce their rules.

10. "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo" (1984)

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In a world of popping, locking, and breaking, our heroes Turbo and Ozone join forces with a jazz dancer, Kelly. When a local community center faces demolition, they use their dancing skills to save the day. Battling corrupt developers and organizing a fundraising show, they give it their all. As they take on rival dance crews and defy authority, their synchronized moves captivate the community.