10 'Rotten' Films on Rotten Tomatoes That Are Secretly Masterpieces

10 'Rotten' Films on Rotten Tomatoes That Are Secretly Masterpieces
Image credit: New Line Cinema

While Rotten Tomatoes is still a very popular site, with thousands of people relying on its reviews to decide whether a movie is worth seeing, it's quite apparent that many of the aggregator's past reviews have aged rather poorly. Critics and fans usually don't see eye to eye, and the fact that Rotten Tomatoes usually relies on the reviews of the former means that the site gets a lot of criticism from the fandom.

There's a whole group of movies that have been destroyed by Rotten Tomatoes that have managed to survive the critical onslaught and come out on top in the long run, becoming beloved classics despite poor initial reviews.

Here are 10 rotten movies that are secret masterpieces:

We are sure that after reading this list you will be shocked to learn that the movies in question were once considered critical failures, with critics deeming them unfit for long term popularity.

Despite the initial bad reaction, all of the ten films mentioned above turned out to be bona fide masterpieces that are still popular and beloved in 2024, proving once again that all Rotten Tomatoes scores should be taken with a grain of salt, as fan reception can be very different from critical reception.