10 Sci-Fi Box Office Bombs That Are Secretly Great

10 Sci-Fi Box Office Bombs That Are Secretly Great
Image credit: Legion-Media

The box office is only one of the metrics of greatness for a movie.

There are not very good movies that ended up taking hundreds of millions, and there are amazing ones that somehow weren't properly recognized at the time of their release and thus didn't make much.

But that doesn't make the latter ones bad: they just went under the radar. That's the case with these sci-fi movies.

There are multiple reasons for a movie flop at the box office. Some were released at the wrong time and couldn't find an audience that would appreciate them.

Some were not very loved by critics and were able to gain fans only after they were widely available in the digital or physical format.

Some suffered from poor marketing campaigns that made the movies nearly invisible at the time of their release (we're still bitter about the way Disney treated Treasure Planet).

Some looked way too niche for the general populace to appreciate them. In light of Denis Villneuve's recent interviews highlighting his feelings about the poor reception of Blade Runner 2049 (it keeps him up at night doubting himself), we wish that good movies will receive their recognition at the right time.