10 Sci-Fi Film Endings That Completely Ruined a Great Story

10 Sci-Fi Film Endings That Completely Ruined a Great Story
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios, Sony Pictures

No genre is safe from anticlimactic endings, and sci-fi is no exception. There are plenty of movies that seemed extremely good but were completely ruined by the final scene.

These endings rendered the whole story useless, made the premise absurd and the adventures of the characters pointless.

One of the major flaws of sci-fi is that sometimes writers decide to break the rules of the world they established previously and that the characters abided by throughout the whole run-up until the finale — in a way, that's the case of A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

The other is pure human stupidity that ends in a cliffhanger in a way that makes the viewers cover their faces with their palms, like the one in Life. But sometimes, the writers just push for an ending that seems improbable and just doesn't fit the way the story has been unraveling at all.

We're still bitter about the ending of Passengers where the character of Jennifer Lawrence simply forgives the person who put her in a very vulnerable state and simply used her, and while it was expected, the finale of Valerian and The City Of A Thousand Planets seemed way too forced for this story.