10 Sci-Fi K-Dramas That Will Live in Your Head Rent-Free

10 Sci-Fi K-Dramas That Will Live in Your Head Rent-Free
Image credit: Netflix, MBC TV

Prepare for the most unbelievable things.

No matter how fast science advances and how many new discoveries are made every year, people still strive for the unthinkable. From outer space and aliens to time travel, certain tropes of the sci-fi genre will always be popular with audiences. That is because the reasoning behind it all is limited only by the writer's imagination.

K-dramas are no exception. Regardless of how many stories about space, robots, and AI have been filmed, writers are always coming up with new ones. If you're ready to take a ride into the unknown, pick a show from the list below and buckle up for an adventure.

I’m Not a Robot (2017 -2018)

If you ever thought that you are allergic to people, you will understand the problem of Kim Min-kyu, who inherited a tech company, but cannot stand to be around anyone without breaking out in a rash. He is sent a female-looking robot companion, but upon closer inspection it turns out that she isn't a robot. And his rash is suddenly nowhere to be seen.

Sisyphus: The Myth (2021)

In order to save humanity and prevent a catastrophe, Seo-Hae travels back in time. However, there is a twist: time traveling is considered illegal, and as soon as she arrives, she becomes the target of special forces who have to deal with her. Even though this drama isn't the most unique in its setting, it is excellently executed and worth every hour of watching.

Joseon X-Files (2010)

We all know what The X-Files is. So just take the premise of the beloved paranormal series and imagine it happening in Joseon, many centuries ago. Even though the show was created in the early 2010s, there is nothing old about it. Packed with mystery, myth, and action, it is a must for lovers of all things supernatural.

The Silent Sea (2021)

There are a lot of K-dramas about aliens, but only one that features human sound in such detail. The show tells the story of a group of scientists from Earth who are sent to the Moon to find a way to make the lunar water drinkable for humans. The problem is that everyone who takes a sip begins to drown.

Black Knight (2023)

Hopefully, the future of Korea will be brighter than the one depicted in Black Knight. In a world so polluted that people cannot breathe without oxygen tanks, a man who delivers them becomes an instant hero. Unfortunately, he still has a lot of problems to face, from criminals trying to rob him to anyone who stands in his way of creating a clean air supply.

My Holo Love (2020)

Suffering from face blindness, Han So-yeon finds it difficult to form any kind of relationship and therefore chooses to live in solitude. She finds the AI-powered hologram interface to be the closest peer she has and begins to develop feelings for him. Too bad the real person behind the invention is nothing like the illusion.

Glitch (2022)

As a young and privileged woman with a seemingly perfect life, Hong Ji-hyo is not used to disappointments. This works against her when her boyfriend suddenly disappears without a trace. When she realizes that this isn't his usual behavior, she starts her own investigation, which leads her into a whole new world of conspiracies.

SF8 (2020)

If you enjoy Black Mirror and the themes it focuses on, you will most likely enjoy SF8 as well. Not only does it focus on technology and artificial intelligence, but it is also shot as an anthology series. A collection of different stories about the integration of progress in people's daily lives will not leave anyone indifferent.

Circle (2017)

This show is only for those who don't mind following several timelines at once. Divided into 2007, 2017 and 2037, Circle follows the life story of two twins whose family adopted a peaceful alien. It turns out that this decision led to the eventual split of the Earth, thanks to the most advanced technology she carried with her.

My Love from the Star (2013)

For those who love alien stories but prefer something less action-packed and aggressive, this romantic K-drama would be a perfect choice. The alien named Do Min-joon has been stuck on Earth for more than 400 years. When he meets a modern daredevil actress, he falls in love with her so much that he's willing to save her from any trouble she might get into.