10 Severance Season 2 Theories That Might Just Be True

10 Severance Season 2 Theories That Might Just Be True
Image credit: Apple TV+

When the first season of "Severance" debuted, fans and critics alike were unprepared for how great this Ben Stiller-directed show turned out to be. The intriguing mystery, endearing world-building, and wonderful acting made the first season a must-see for all fans of original television, and reports of the troubled production of the second season and its subsequent postponement made fans fear for their sanity.

With the second season still a long way off, fans have taken it upon themselves to theorize about its storyline, coming up with some pretty original ideas for where the compelling "Severance " storyline could go.

Here are 10 "Severance" Season 2 theories that just might be true:

Let's face it, even though we're calling all the ideas on this list just theories, most of them will definitely be seen in the upcoming season, as it's impossible to imagine that Stiller and his crew won't continue to expand the show's universe.

And yes, other predictions mentioned above may seem a bit far-fetched, but "Severance" became such a popular show for taking risks, and we're sure the writers won't be afraid to try something new, maybe even using fan theories as inspiration.

Fingers crossed that "Severance" will return with new episodes before the end of 2024!