10 Survival Action Movies So Awful, You Can't Help But Love Them

10 Survival Action Movies So Awful, You Can't Help But Love Them
Image credit: Sony Pictures

Humans overcoming nature and disaster to prevail in a seemingly already lost battle is one of the most popular story types ever, and there are countless movies that build the survival story so perfectly that it is impossible to turn away from the screen.

However, some survival action movies miss the mark by a mile, trading suspense for silly plot twists and unbelievable situations that make fans laugh at the work of the actors and directors. But sometimes these movies are so bad that they actually become good.

Here are 10 survival action movies that are so awful, we can't help but love them:

As you can probably see, with one glaring exception, none of the movies on this list were made as comedies, as their writers, producers, and directors all believed they were making deadly serious survival movies that could scare and delight the viewer.

Needless to say, the end results differed from the studio's hopes, as fans ridiculed the banality of the plots, weak acting and the poor CGI, describing the natives as stupid and uninspiring. Over time, however, fans learned to love the movies for their cheesiness, rewatching them from time to time for some good old-fashioned hate-watching.