10 Things 80s Movies Got Away With That Wouldn't Fly in 2024

10 Things 80s Movies Got Away With That Wouldn't Fly in 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

Times have changed quite drastically in the past half a century, and things that were considered normal in the 80s (yes, now that we're nearing the middle of the 2020s we can say that the 80s were almost half a century ago, it's terrifying, we know) are frowned upon nowadays.

Let's look at these 10 questionable moments from the movies of that decade.

The scenes in these movies didn't age well, and even just 20 years ago they didn't disturb the viewers that much. Now they are the product of their age, they showcase the general climate of that era, and we're thankful that it's gone.

We advocate for more agency for female characters; we fight for representation; we ask for changes in the vocabulary and get them; we want people to be more accepting of those who are not like them — and we see that in the modern media.

It doesn't mean that the works from the 80s are bad — no, but they perfectly reflect the standards of human behavior and culture that were prevalent in the USA back then. That's just how it was, and we're glad that some of these things have changed. There's more to come.