10 Time Travel Hidden Gems from the 80s Every Movie Fan Should Watch

10 Time Travel Hidden Gems from the 80s Every Movie Fan Should Watch
Image credit: Tri-Star Pictures

There's no concept in science fiction more appealing than time travel. The idea of a person traveling backward or forward in time has fascinated people for hundreds of years, and Hollywood has wasted no time in producing movies based on the idea.

And while the golden age of time travel movies came with bigger budgets and better CGI, there were plenty of such movies even thirty years ago, as fans were always hungry for high concept sci-fi movies.

Here are 10 underrated time travel movies from the 1980s:

We bet you've probably never even heard of some of the movies on this list, and Hollywood is to blame. Despite the abundance of great ideas in these movies, the producers simply failed to market them properly, resulting in their commercial failure and subsequent disappearance from the public consciousness.

And the aforementioned movies clearly had a lot of potential! They subverted decades-old time travel concepts and made the whole genre feel fresh again, but because of their small budgets and poor marketing, hardly anyone saw the great work the screenwriters and producers were doing.

These 10 movies are waiting to be rediscovered! We assure you, you've never seen time travel this original.