10 Times Stephen King Threw His Own Movies Under The Bus

10 Times Stephen King Threw His Own Movies Under The Bus
Image credit: Legion-Media

Adapting a book into a movie or a TV series is no easy task, and having the author of the original present can both be a curse and a blessing.

A blessing, because they can guide the production. A curse, because they can hate the result, and so that quite vocally. That's the case with these Stephen King adaptations: he criticized the hell out of them.

No one's doubting King's talent and productivity, he's a master of words, and he's quite masterful at bashing the adaptations of his own works, regardless of who made them.

Even if he was at the helm, like with Maximum Overdrive, he doesn't sugarcoat his emotions about the end result.

If a movie or a TV show ends up bad, he says it and states the reasons. Some lacked originality and depth and morphed into simple cash grabs; others were simply made badly and didn't derive much from the original story, using just the name and the premise but changing everything else.

But often King's critique stems from the dislike of his own works: he says that some adaptations just chose bad stories as their source material and they reaped what they sowed.