10 Western Movie Performances Only True Fans Appreciate

10 Western Movie Performances Only True Fans Appreciate
Image credit: Pandora Filmproduktion, Columbia Pictures

Let's face it, critics and fans alike tend to treat Westerns with a bit of disdain, arguing that the days of movies featuring tough men on horseback emptying their six-guns are long gone, and that more complex genres like drama, horror, and comedy have taken over for good.

Needless to say, this practice of ignoring westerns is quite unfair. Of course, most Westerns are cheap garbage, but every once in a while a truly revelatory movie comes along, and the fact that no one notices because of prejudice is truly heartbreaking.

Here are 10 great Western performances that flew under the radar:

Yes, there are some pretty big names on this list, which should come as no surprise. After all, Westerns' unique approach to the main characters, putting them front and center and having them go through some tough times before reaching the climax of the movie, clearly appeals to actors willing to push themselves to showcase some raw acting.

However, the thought of so many passionate performers losing their chance to win some awards because of the lack of attention westerns get is rather depressing.

After all, Guy Pearce's wonderful performance in "Ravenous" could have easily earned him an Oscar nomination back in 2000. We wonder why he didn't...