10 Worst Ever Westerns Letterboxd Users Wish They Could Unsee

10 Worst Ever Westerns Letterboxd Users Wish They Could Unsee
Image credit: TriStar Pictures, Warner Bros.

People like to hate on Westerns, arguing that the genre that once put Hollywood on the map is outdated, that all of its stories are alike, and that it promotes violence as the only way to solve a conflict.

Of course, this notion couldn't be further from the truth, as westerns are much more complex than that, often featuring unique heroes and interesting storylines.

However, there are certainly a lot of bad westerns. And we are talking about bad bad! Some of the movies in the genre are so stupid that they basically ruin the reputation of the entire western industry.

Here are the 10 worst westerns of all time, according to Letterboxd:

Given the reputation of Letterboxd, it is safe to believe the accuracy of this ranking, and if you have seen at least one of the movies on this list, you will not even think of arguing with it!

Even though some of the movies on this list are high-budget Hollywood blockbusters, they still look and feel like cheap B-movies because neither the directors nor the actors even tried to make their projects watchable.

It's sad to see how these atrocious ten have treated the great legacy of the Western genre. But if you want to have a good laugh at someone else's expense, you couldn't pick a better Western than the ones on this list.