10 Worst Movies on Netflix Everyone Says Are a Waste of Time

10 Worst Movies on Netflix Everyone Says Are a Waste of Time
Image credit: Netflix

Everyone is making lists of the best shows or the best movies, but what about the worst ones?

Ones that would make you regret spending the time on them? Ones that could potentially kickstart an existential crisis due to how awful they are? Netflix has a bunch of these.

Let's just say that Netflix struggled with producing its original content for quite some time and learned how to shine mostly during the pandemic.

Their earlier ventures into filmmaking were questionable, at least. And while Netflix had a fair share of good releases in recent years, the quality of their originals is not consistent at all. Having the star-studded cast doesn't help some of these projects to stay somehow interesting, simply because they are bad movies with bad scripts and bad execution of said scripts.

Bad premises that lack depth or any kind of sense behind them cannot be saved even by the most loved actors who try to do their best.

That's exactly the case with The Last Thing He Wanted and The Bubble. The plot doesn't work as the writers intended it to, creating more confusion instead of giving answers, and watching these movies feels like a chore, not entertainment.