11 Must-Watch Spy Movies Streaming on Netflix in April

11 Must-Watch Spy Movies Streaming on Netflix in April
Image credit: Netflix

Let's face it - everyone loves a good spy story! There's something endlessly charming about watching spies go about their shady business, and the sheer number of interesting real-life stories proved to be a perfect source of inspiration for dozens of interesting movies and shows.

However, we all got a little tired of spy movies that put the action first and the real work second. So we decided to dig a little deeper into the history of a beloved genre and choose only the most original and captivating spy movies that will surely appeal to all fans of counterintelligence and double agents.

Here are 11 of the best spy movies to stream on Netflix:

As you may have noticed, we chose a lot of underrated movies for this list, including international films and forgotten Hollywood movies, and we did it for a reason - it would be pretty boring to go through the same James Bond and Ethan Hunt movies, right?

Besides, all the above mentioned movies are quite realistic, and you can get a full understanding of the spy work after watching them, which is something that not many movies can boast of.

If you have always loved spies, but found the James Bond movies a bit cheesy, the movies on this list will surely appeal to you!