12 A-List Actors You Didn't Even Know Starred in Westerns

12 A-List Actors You Didn't Even Know Starred in Westerns
Image credit: Sony Pictures

Although the western is one of the oldest and most successful genres in the history of cinema, many people still treat it with a lack of respect, calling it childish, boring, and downright stupid.

Obviously, such an assessment of this iconic genre is grossly inaccurate, as the simple narrative structure of the Western has been updated for dozens of years now, resulting in strikingly original revisionist films, many of which feature insanely accomplished performances by well-known actors.

Here are 15 actors who deserve more credit for their westerns:

Yes, there are a lot of iconic faces on this list, and for good reason. The Western genre is quite revered among actors, as the chance to don a stylish Stetson and carry a six-shooter on your belt is something not many people can pass up.

Also, the Westerns on this list tend to subvert audience expectations, surprising viewers with unorthodox narratives and new takes on familiar character archetypes, which certainly makes actors even more willing to appear in them.

If you have ever thought that Westerns are boring, we beg you to reconsider; luckily for you, this list is the perfect place to start your introduction to this wonderful and misunderstood genre.