12 Agonizing Movie Cliffhangers We'll Never Get Answers For

12 Agonizing Movie Cliffhangers We'll Never Get Answers For
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Ending a movie on a cliffhanger is always a risky move for a director, because if the movie underperforms at the box office, fans may be left without a definitive ending, which will certainly destroy the movie's reputation in the long run.

Here's a list of 12 movies that betrayed fans' hopes of seeing the finale they deserved:

As you might have noticed, most of the movies listed above are not really box office hits, and some of them, like "Green Lantern" and "Planet of the Apes," were total commercial failures, which might explain why their cliffhanger endings were never really resolved.

However, not all of the above cliffhangers are bad! Take "The Italian Job" for example - the iconic ending was specifically designed to leave fans without the full picture, and the movie got even better because every fan could imagine Crocker and his team's future for themselves.

And in the case of "The Raid 2", it might be a bit too early to consider the movie's cliffhanger ending unresolved, as director Gareth Evans might revisit his universe in the future and finally reveal the fate of Rama and Keichi. Fingers crossed!

The cliffhanger business is a risky one, and we would like to see it used only in blockbuster movies, as endings like the one in the indie film "Under The Shadow" simply ruin the whole project in retrospect.