12 Animated Films That Had Grown-Ups Sobbing More Than Kids

12 Animated Films That Had Grown-Ups Sobbing More Than Kids
Image credit: Legion-Media

Lots of the animated movies with a PG rating slapped on them seem to be targeted at the kids. At least, that's on the surface.

But very skilled screenwriters make them really enjoyable for audiences of all ages — and sometimes they add things that kids don't even notice, but these little details make adults weep.

The debates about whether animated movies are just for kids or not have been going on for quite some time, and even the most prestigious critics cannot come to a conclusion.

That doesn't stop the animators from creating works that have layers upon layers of jokes and subplots that can be relevant to viewers of any age. And surely that doesn't stop animators from creating movies with a higher rating that are decidedly not for kids at all. Animation is a special way to interpret a story, one that has unique ways to express the various things happening around that the regular movie is not capable of.

It's an artistic method of relaying the thoughts that were put into the story, one that has its own strength and requires a lot of mastery. And it absolutely can be used to explore sensitive and tear-jerking topics.