12 Box Office Flops That Are Secretly Must-See Movies

12 Box Office Flops That Are Secretly Must-See Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media

2023 was a year that saw more flops than a fish market, with a slew of films that, despite their A-list casts and blockbuster budgets, sank at the box office like stones in a pond, making us wonder if it was the quirky storylines, marketing misfires, or just plain bad timing.

But among these so-called flops, there are hidden gems, movies that, like the quiet kid in the back of the classroom, have a lot to offer once you get to know them.

These 12 films are the underdogs of cinema, the ones that didn't make the victory lap around the box office but are must-sees for any true film buff, offering up everything from avant-garde artistry to storytelling that zigs where you expect it to zag.

They're the kind of movies that get better with a second watch, where nuances emerge like shy creatures from a burrow, revealing layers and depths that box office numbers could never measure.

In this list, you'll find tales that challenge the norm, characters who linger in your thoughts long after the credits roll, and plots that twist and turn in ways no blockbuster dares, proving that sometimes, the real treasures are not where everyone's looking.