12 Movies That Suffered From Terrible Endings

12 Movies That Suffered From Terrible Endings
Image credit: Legion-Media

Getting the audience invested in the movie is one thing, but making them happy with the finale is another ordeal altogether.

There are countless examples of great movies being ruined by their terrible endings, and we've selected the 12 most notorious examples of this common Hollywood problem.

As you may have noticed, two of the movies mentioned above were directed by the same person – M. Night Shyamalan. The acclaimed director is known for ending all of his movies with a massive unexpected twist, but sometimes his sudden revelations at the end of the movie fall completely flat, leaving viewers confused and annoyed.

And this problem plagues most of the movies on the list, because audiences don't really like unexpected endings when they ruin the whole movie that came before it, just like the infamous 9/11 twist in the overly melodramatic "Remember Me" left fans offended.

Fans don't like being manipulated, and none of the movies on this list would have suffered if the writers had realized that and decided to make their endings mean something in terms of the whole movie, instead of shocking the audience for no real reason.