12 Movies With the Most Oscar Noms in History (Yes, Oppenheimer's Here Too)

12 Movies With the Most Oscar Noms in History (Yes, Oppenheimer's Here Too)
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Receiving an Oscar nomination is a dream come true for every professional working in the film industry, but even a long and illustrious career doesn't always translate into recognition from the Academy, as dozens of extremely talented actors and directors have ended their careers without ever appearing on the Oscar red carpet.

However, history is littered with examples of films that were practically showered with nominations, and even if they didn't win a single golden statuette, they still go down as some of the best.

Here are 12 films with the most Oscar nominations:

Yes, this list contains only the best of the best, movies that not only made a fortune at the box office, but were also hailed by fans and critics alike. The Oscars love to honor the arthouse blockbusters, cementing them as the best of all time for generations to come.

Truth be told, however, all of the above would have gone down as iconic films without Oscar's help, as the numerous nominations and awards were more like icing on the cake.

As the Oscars have become more and more predictable in the last decade, it's really unlikely that we'll ever see a small film get more than 10 nominations, as most of the nominations are split between the films produced by the major studios.

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