12 Must-See True Crime Docs of 2024 to Stream on Netflix in April

12 Must-See True Crime Docs of 2024 to Stream on Netflix in April
Image credit: Netflix

While the true crime genre may not be as popular in 2024 as it was just five years ago, when the whole world seemed to go crazy for stories about serial killers and dangerous cults, crime buffs are still hungry for new content, and the streaming service that started the whole true crime craze, Netflix, is still more than willing to give it to them.

In recent years, Netflix producers have started digging deeper into the world of crime, unearthing the craziest and weirdest stories for their documentaries, and it's the approach many fans have been dreaming of for years.

Here are 12 must-see true crime docs of 2024 to stream on Netflix:

As you can see, today's true crime covers a lot of different topics, from the usual suspects like serial killers and robbers to Ponzi schemes and crypto scammers. And thanks to the professionalism of Netflix's producers, writers and directors, who have been developing the true crime industry for nearly a decade at this point, they are all extremely addictive and practically demand a binge-watch.

Of course, some of the titles mentioned above are quite difficult to watch, as their subjects are so filled with tragedy and loss that simply finishing an episode seems like an ordeal. However, the emotional clarity you will feel after completing them will surely make all your struggles worthwhile.