12 Richest Hollywood Directors, Ranked (Nolan's Only #12 With $250 Million!)

12 Richest Hollywood Directors, Ranked (Nolan's Only #12 With $250 Million!)
Image credit: Legion-Media

While most of us think that Hollywood stars are the ones making the most money from big productions, the truth is quite different.

Talented directors are actually paid much more than the likes of Tom Cruise or Leonardo DiCaprio, and the list of the 12 richest Hollywood directors is the most definitive proof of this.

Yes, George Lucas is actually worth $10 billion! While this number may seem unrealistic at first, the reality is that directors usually make most of their money from box office percentages, so if the movie they directed makes a ton of money, they get a hefty paycheck.

Moreover, most of the directors listed above make their millions not from movies, but from their other various endeavors - Spielberg made his massive net worth thanks to DreamWorks, Jackson from the digital film effects shop Weta, and Lucas from Lucasfilm, which he sold to Disney a while back.

Successful directors actually behave like businessmen, investing their money in the movie industry and getting huge amounts of money out of it. And it's not like any of them make their money unfairly - thanks to guys like Spielberg, Nolan, and Jackson, we have plenty of wonderful movies and shows!